About Us

The history of the Aldie United Methodist Church goes back beyond the year 1857. Prior to that date, the first church was erected in the Village of Aldie where the Presbyterian Church now stands. This was a brick building used by Methodists, Episcopalians and Presbyterians. In the early 1880s, this old church was deemed unsafe for services. The Presbyterians acquired the lot on which the old church stood, and each denomination built churches of their own.

The land for our present building was given by Mrs. Mary B. Green, and 1882 is recorded as the time of the building. It has been in continuous use since that date. A bell was given by Mr. Milton McVeigh.

There is an official roll book of 1876 which records the following: Rev. A. W. Wilson, Presiding Elder; Rev. R.S. Hough, Preacher in Charge, Rev. O.C. Beall, Assistant. Members were: Henry and Armanda Whitlock; Fannie E., Laura J., and Martha J. Browner; Elizabeth Rosseau; James F. Johnson, Angelina K., Snoden C., Lucinda S. and R. Neville Hall; Andrew M., Rachel J., and Roberta V. Kridler; Sarah and Fannie Monroe; Malvina McCarth; Mary A. And Osborne Green: Annie L. Taylor; Elizabeth G. and Georgia Gulick; George Bermer; Fannies S. Skinner; Fannie R. Hutchinson; R. Edgar and Catherine Russell; Julia and Frank A. Oden; Cornelius A. Bertlett; Nancy Johnson; Norval W. Sauls; Martha E. Reed; Hattie N. Oden; Virginia J. Gulick, Annie C. Jones; Margaret Bodmer; and Mary F. Crider.

Numerous improvements have been made during the years. In 1956 a new furnace was installed, a new floor laid, new rug, pulpit furniture, organ and piano purchased. In 1962 an educational building was started. The chancel area was remodeled in 1960 to include a center altar. Also added were new lights and a new ceiling in 1962 and air conditioning in 1964. The church was brick veneered in 1968 and a new steeple erected. New pews were installed in 1970 and in 1982 interior window shutters and new carpet was installed and a new piano purchased. In 1985, Rosser and Dot Iden constructed our newly purchased parking lot in honor of her parents. The Bert Cohees provided picnic tables for our new pavilion in the late 1980s. A new Allen organ was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald, Jr., in 1994 in memory of their parents. The parking lot was upgraded and paved in 2004. A memorial garden was installed.